Group Companies

Full Estate Management

In the course of providing full estate management for both coffee and tea, TFMK expertise - gained from 40 years of estate management - ensures that client's estates are efficiently managed. Currently we are managing 45 coffee estates and 6 tea gardens covering 4000 ha. Apart from unrivalled agronomy practices, our key advantage is the deep seated administrative and financial management capacity.

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Farm Advisory

Our farm advisory services cover all aspects of coffee growing and processing which include but are not limited to;

  • coffee pruning and mulching
  • appropriate use of inputs
  • safe use of pesticides
  • integrated pest management
  • harvesting
  • processing


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Marketing Agency

Our Marketing Agency services are client oriented. On behalf of the grower, we are dedicated to finding the best customer for their products be it the local auction or through direct sale; some coffees could be sold via direct sale if the offer price is more lucrative, otherwise grower's coffee will be catalogued and sold at the local auction.

Negotiating for the best exchange rates and timely payments to growers are some of the reasons why TFMK is the marketing agent of choice. We advise and suggest improvements to our clients, as well as welcome feedback in order to further improve the existing good relationship with all our clients - both upstream and downstream.


Together with the H.R. Neumann Stiftung, TFMK undertakes numerous sustainability projects; smallholders in particular benefit immensely through participation in these projects.

Increased yields and enhanced quality combined with attaining certification, opens new markets for smallholders. Additional training transfers business management skills which empowers the whole society - especially the women. This results in better market positioning, higher incomes, and better standards of living in the rural areas.

Certification support

Taking into account the increasing global demand for certified coffee, TFMK has been preparing customers and growers for the future by supporting the implementation of a wide range of certification schemes (such as Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified, FLO Fairtrade and 4 C) along the whole value chain.